My name is Swati and this is my baby blog. After a lot of brainstorming and sleepless nights I finally decided to call it ‘The Rickrack Project’.

Rickrack is a noun which basically means ‘Zigzag lines’.These lines reflect my state of mind: Ups and downs, expressing different emotions through what one wears in a lifetime. Nothing remains constant in anyone’s life, and definitely not in mine!

I love what i do. I love all things fashion and that is all I know. I started this blog as a project, to share my passion with everyone, even people I don’t know. The Rickrack Project isn’t just about wearing pretty clothes and putting up pictures from the internet, it’s about providing you with the latest trend updates, a daily dose of what’s happening in the fashion world, inspirational looks from the runway that we heart and my personal look book.Every look tells a story, so come join my journey in discovering a whole new set of stories!

You can contact me on my email : therickrackproject@gmail.com.
Be kind.
x sd