Find Out What’s Trending: Hair Styling 2017!

With the temperature rising over 40 degrees all over the country, it’s time for a change. No, this isn’t an article on global warming but a  lighter topic and a fun one too! Changing your hair style is a definite life decision. How you ask? It makes all the difference to your look, personality and how you feel about yourself. This year(2017) is a year of changes, with so much to look forward to. So why not look your very best and be adventurous, anyway!

Here’s some looks I have listed for you to get inspired from the upcoming & current trending hair looks.

Browse away!

Voluminous Wavy Medium Length

Cut you hair short just till it reaches your shoulder. Soft wavy,  on the beach kinda hair is my ultimate favorite on this list. Trust me, I have been recommending this to anyone who asks me for haircut suggestions. Throw in some highlights of your choice and it’s a party !


HUN (Half Hair Bun)

Not sure what to do with your fizzy and greasy hair when you have no time to shower. Then just back comb your crown area and tie it in a bun. If you have a little more time before rushing out just curl the ends.

TRP TIP: Add a little ribbon to your bun and make a bow.

punUnder Cuts

Oh yeah! UnderCuts are basically patterns made using razors on the nape of your neck. This haircut  is bold and making a statement anywhere you go. Tie your hair up in a high pony or a lazy bun to show it off.  This is the next big thing to hit Instagram and everyone’s going to go crazy with it. All the fantastic artworks that can be done with it. I guess we just have to watch out for this one.


Faded Side Look

This one is for all the boys and men who are tired of the gel in their hair. Show this to your hair dresser and be the first trend setter in your squad. However, I would like to call it ‘ombre’ side haircut.  It’s sharp and super sexy to look at. Right?


Glittery Roots

For everyone who loves those ‘Add a little glitter everywhere you go’ posts, here you go! Add a little glitter to your roots too.


Braid Them!

It’s sleek and stylish. Braiding is fun and super easy to do. Go check out some amazing tutorials on how to braid your hair in different ways on YouTube.

braidsHere’s me trying a little braid myself for quick outing in the city

Until next post,

x sd

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