Perfect Gifts ( For Him & Her )

Hello Rickrackers,

      Gone are the days when a box of chocolates and flowery looking card were the best options to gift. I have assembled a few easy and non-cheesy option to gift this year.Gifting can be very tricky at times, depending who it is you’re giving. It is very important that when we give a gift to someone,be it your friend, colleague, sibling or a lover, it is not just useful but also something a person can relates with.

The list below is the best gifts for him and for her!


1. Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Today’s speakers can do more than play your favourite tunes. This JBL wireless speaker can amplify the sound be it on land or in water.

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2. Essential Organizer

I think every guy needs this in their life.. a desk organizer for his keys, watch and wallet and everything else. If nobody has gifted this to you then order one for yourself now!

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3. Fitbit Charge 2

Incredible invention of this century. Get a better understanding of your fitness level and score of every pulse and heart beat. This is a perfect gift to any fitness freaks you know.

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4.Grooming kit

    This is a very thoughtful to give any guy in your life. Dad, Brother, friend or son. Makes travel life easier.


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5. Hoverboard

Boys will not be boys without their toys to play with. This is a super gifting idea to make any guy jump with joy to show off this new toy in town.

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6. A Sleek Wallet

   What a smart and better way to carry your cards without any hassle!
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1.Insta Pix

    It can’t get better than an polaroid. Carry it in your handbag and capture every moment and better yet it comes in the prettiest of colors!
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2. A Movie Marathon pack

Nothing makes a girl’s heart swoon than a perfect romantic movie night with the best collection.


For me it’s Shah Rukh Khan that makes me the happiest.!
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3. Cooking Book

A kitchen treasure for the days you want to think of yourself as a master-chef in the making.

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4. Coffee Maker

Lets all just agree we only wake up because there’s coffee to look forward. And Like lorelai (Gilmore Girls) says ‘Coffee-coffee-coffee’ so bring her coffee and keep her happy all day.
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5. A yoga kit

20 minutes of meditation is a must every day. Gift this full yoga kitwith a yoga mat, bricks,stretcher,and a towel. Inspire her to get fit and flex.
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6. Coloring Book

 It’s time to unleash your creativity out. There is something so calming and relaxing about coloring. You can do this for hours, days and months. Go and buy some colors pens.

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Be kind !

Until next post,
x SD


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