How To Use A Closet Capsule

‘Buy less,Choose Well’ – Vivienne Westwood

Hello there!
  The Rickrack Project is back! After a year long hiatus, I’m back with my baby project with a fresh new start and exciting ideas.The Rickrack Project now has new sections with an ‘ABOUT ME’ column, ‘OUTFITS’ column where I’ll be posting styling options and then there is ‘TRP MAG’ which is a short name for The Rickrack Project Magazine,from interesting fashion facts to How to wear a new trend to whats new around! Just like reading a fashion magazine 🙂 But my favorite is the ‘ STYLE FEATURES’ column, I plan to feature all fashion enthusiast on the blog who have their own individual style so if you think you know someone who has great style just shoot me a mail of his/her picture and I’ll feature them! 
Getting back on track and finding inspiration to write my first post back isn’t a piece of cake. After days of planning and researching and failing, my dear friend-tai Chitra came up with a brilliant suggestion to write about the capsule wardrobe. Wondering what that even means? Well don’t you worry just sit back and read on.
       Capsule wardrobe  is a way of keeping a small number of useful clothes in your closet and mixing and matching them within each other. Now how to identify them as ‘useful’ clothes:
1. Do you feel comfortable in them?
2. Do they still fit ?
3. Does it enhance your looks?
4. Do you feel happy / fabulous wearing it?
If you answer to all the above question is yes then keep it if not trash it. Mind you this formula works on everything from shoes to scarves to necklaces to even your reading glasses! Capsule wardrobe has great benefits if you start with this new lifestyle. For instance it helps you in figuring out your individual style. You can explore your creativity by just pairing the same clothes in different styles each time out. 
 I have picked out 6 basic essentials to show how you can pair them differently.

 This is also the best way to pack when your traveling. Pick out the essentials depending on the kind of place you’re visiting & weather conditions and style them differently by mixing and matching. It’s a great way to save on that extra luggage also. Less time to decide on what to wear which let’s just agree is the reason why we girls tend to be late always.The best option to increase your outfits is to add accessories.Adding accessories are like adding spices to food.

What do you think of these looks ? Comment below or even better show me how you would style your capsule closet and send me pictures. I’ll upload them on TRPs featured column !

Be kind and Have a happy week ahead!

Until next post,
x sd

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