Sunshine In The Dark

Hey Rickrackers!
      I have been delaying this post for over a month now and this will probably be the last post of 2014 as well. I, Promise to post more often from the start of the new year and no this isn’t my “new resolution”. I love accessorizing be it layered necklaces, big rings(I love them!), or just a smart handbag. I think little details can change the way you look and dress up.I love detailing, be in life or my clothes.It makes way for a better outlook. That’s something common you’ll notice in all my look posts. I found this bright blue hued midi skirt somewhere hidden in the back of my closet. And I instantly knew I wanted to use it on the blog. Fact is I have never worn it before! Have you ever bought something and never got a chance to wear it? I decided to pair it with a simple white tee to bring more attention to the skirt.
Also, choosing all my accessories in white including my shoes. To add a little whimsy to my look I wore a silver with blue stones head piece (necklace turned into a maang tikka) and it looks fabulous with the midi skirt.

People who know me know the fact that I love my hair maybe even a little possessive over it too.So, when i was approached by Schwarzkopf professional to review their new range of hair therapy products I was not completely sure at first but i did want to give it a try for a few showers at least. The range is called Schwarzkopf professional BC Bonacure, is mainly targeted to fix damaged hair with a set of shampoo, conditioner,leave-in mask and heat protectant. Since my hair doesn’t need much repairing i was more interested in one of the product called Moisture Kick Beauty Balm which works well as a heat protectant if you use hair straightner or hair dryer more often like I do. To summarize my review on the BC Bonacure range, all the products smell pleasantly and are handy to use. The leave-in mask works very well making the hair soft and supple looking. My only advise to everyone is to try and take cold water showers for your hair as it makes a huge difference to any hair routine you tend to follow.

Schwarzkopf Professional BC Bonacure Range

Photo credits: Ritika Gupta 

Until next post and next year! 

Happy New Year! x SD

One thought on “Sunshine In The Dark

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