Parnicaa, is an exquisite jewelry brand started by Parinika Reddy and her mother in Hyderabad. A few weeks back, I got an invite from this pretty boutique for a preview of their collection. So, I instantly said ‘yes’ to it! I’ve been so excited about this post for two reasons. 
A.The brand is a start up venture by a young entrepreneur who believes that everyone can succeed in life.
B.This is the first time i’ll be wearing all Indian outfits on the blog.

 When I walked into the store I knew I was going to have a good day. With pretty lights, elegant clothing, sparkling jewellery and off course a giant sized mirror! Within a few minutes of our chatting about the store, I decided to play dress-up and oh what fun it was! There are so many stunning pieces to choose from.

Having multi designer clothes in collaboration with her jewellery brand was an idea that she got one day while thinking ‘what if I could provide the clients with the right kind of clothes that compliment the jewelry’. Shop under one roof kinda way. Her jewelry and all the garments on the rack is a reflection of her own sartorial choices for designed women who is simple,classy, and independent. Every outfit in the store is so beautiful that it will undoubtedly make you the center of attention wherever you walk in.You can wear them for a Sunday brunch or to your friend’s cocktail party! They even a range of hand printed sarees with interesting motifs (masaba-like) in lovely earthly color-tones. 

The concept of the store is to provide classic and contemporary jewelry and clothing in high quality at a very reasonable price.I’d say this place is a must visit on a budget shopping day and I have already recommended it to so many of my friends.

Now on to my favourite part ! Click and Pose! 

I loved every piece that I tried on! All I was doing that day was twirling around the place because all the clothes made me so happy. Yeah, Pretty things have that effect on me. Anyway, I hope these pictures give you the same feeling as well.      


Show them some love and give a ‘LIKE’ on their facebook [ HERE] and also check the page for more designs and orders.

Until next post,
x sd

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