Spreading The Dream.

I’m very excited to introduce a collaboration with a recently launched handbags. We have been planning this for quite some time now but for some reason or the other it just wasn’t happening but i’m happy to announce that we finally pinned it down. Yay to us!! The brand is called Temore, started by three friends from Hyderabad with an common interest in creating fun,design oriented and fusing fashion with functionality at budget friendly prices.

The designs are very eye-catching,edgy and lady-like! They ain’t just pretty looking but also functional because let’s agree we girls need a lot of stuff to carry around as this makes it a perfect buy.From oversized slouchy bags to smart clutches and sling bags, temore offers a varied range of designs,a good color palette and beautiful abstract prints.Each bag comes with a separate sling straps giving you a choice to change it as per your usage.
Having lived in Hyderabad for most of my life I always hear people complaining about not having good quality products at affordable prices. Well, temore is definitely an answer to all those crying fashion girl’s prayers.

We decided to do a transitional look on the blog.For those who don’t know what a transitional look means it is basically taking the same outfit / accessory from day to night only by changing the outfit in different combinations.This is very common to do between seasonal changes. I’m sure everyone must have done this in their daily life without realizing how amazing that one piece of jewellery or shirt can be transformed from work to night out with friends.

Anyway picking one bag from their collection wasn’t a easy task for me because all the bags are so pretty and intriguing. Finally this is the bag I chose to style !

Now I want to give a little but very important styling advice for the next time you go shopping. Look out for pieces you like that can be styled at least in 5 different combinations and make sure not to blindly pick up a piece because it’s the latest trend but because it adds to your appearance making it your personal style.

I had a lot of fun styling the bags for this shoot.I hope you like it!

You can view more pictures of the above individual looks in the previous posts here and here ! Head over to see how much fun I had posing for this lovely brand !!
Show them some love and give them a ‘LIKE’ on their facebook [Here] and for pricing and orders you can write to the team at temore3@gmail.com.

What do you think of these looks ? Comment below or even better show me how you would style this bag and quick send a picture!

Until next post,
x sd


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