DIY Tassel Earring

I remember making tassels for my college assignment but i didnt realise then that it is so much fun to work.They can be placed in so many parts of a garment or off! like this DIY..

You ‘ll need:

  • Two color threads(your choice)
  • Two earwires
  • Two jumprings(not shown in d pic)
  • Scissors

  • Start by multipling the thread(one color) into 6-7″.
  • Do this process depending upon the thickness of the tassel.
  • Cut the bunched thread from one side using the scissors

  • Place a eyepin in the middle of the bunch 
  • Twist the threads and wind it with the other chosen color 1″ from the top

  • last,insert the earwire into the eyepin

Hope you’ll try this out soon !

Until next post !
x sd

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