Ways To Style Your Crop Top.

 Hello Rickrackers!

Are you a ‘Clueless’ movie fan girl? If you said yes then you’d be happy to know that its most famous trend is back in fashion! It’s raining crop tops in every fashion stores to the runways to your favorite style icon’s closet. These bare midriff tops are EVERYWHERE!  I also call them the western version of our pretty ghagra-cholis.
Well, I’d agree with a few people who say crop tops are sometimes a little difficult to style so I did something to make your life much more easy by putting together a look book of different ensembles showing new and interesting looks of how you can be sporting this style. 
Before you go ahead and pick a look make sure it reflects the person who you really are and if you’re comfortable and confident to wear it. 
(P.s: Don’t wear it because it’s in trend and everyone is doing it. That’s so passé!)

So,Let’s begin!

Look 1:
 For the girl,who loves to live on the edge and a little rebellious and says ‘I don’t care’ most of the time!


Look 2:

 For the girl,who loves her sartorial choices and has a taste for street style wear. Wear a slogan tee and let your clothes do the talking!


Look 3:

 For the girl,who loves to flaunt her curves, will jazz up her style with statement accessories and loves to hear compliments.

Look 4:

 For the girl,who isn’t shy to show her tomboyish side and wears her boyfriend’s t-shirt to work even. Get those old backpack and nerdy glasses out to complete the look.
Ripped jeans are the best to pair for this look.

Look 5:

 For the girl,who loves to nurture her elite and feminine nature with a luxe look ! She is social and loves to explore life.


Look 6:

 For the girl,whose work is her passion in life. From morning coffee to meetings to formal dinner always on the go.She is independent and confident and this reflects in her attitude. (Watch Suits and you’ll know what i mean!!)

Look 7:

 For the girl,who loves to  be minimalistic and believes less is more.She is always the centre of attention when she walks into a room.

Do feel free to ask me any queries about this trend, just shoot me a mail at
therickrackproject @gmail.com


Happy Reading!
Until the next post,
x sd

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