A Day Out At Inorbit Mall

Hey Rickrackers!
   I hope you lovely people are feeling awesome today. If not, no worries I have something really fun to share with you. Recently, I was invited to participate in an exciting challenge at the Inorbit mall to create a monsoon look for myself (head to toe) by choosing clothes,accessories of my choice across the stores in the mall. It was more fun and interesting as it was timed to an hour and a half.I was very confident and even said “Oh,I will finish before that” but that kinda backfired on me as there was so much to choose from and so little time.

At Max Fashions
At Accessorize with fellow Blogger Chandana (thegirlatfirstavenue.com)
Getting dolled up at MAC cosmetics

To top it all this activity was being filmed by the Inorbit crew making me slightly conscious as the camera followed my every move at the mall.
I’ll post the video on the blog next (in process). Inorbit Mall is the one of my favorite shopping destinations in Hyderabad with a wide range of stores to choose clothes,accessories,beauty products,books and restaurants to slurp on later. You can easily make a day out of it like I did. 
I had already set my mind before I started to shop for the look on what and how i want the look to be. So I set out looking for something that reflects a girl-next-door kind of look something simple yet chic and comfortable. I tried out a couple of outfits from AND,Vero Moda,Chemistry,Biba,MAX,CODE and more.Finally I had to pin it down to two choices from AND (Anita Dongre retail) and a cut-out Chemistry dress with grey brogues from MAX(great buy!). I chose the latter as it was more easy to go(time restraint issue :/) but I equally loved the AND outfits as well. 
So, there it is..my monsoon look for the event.
Drum roll anybody?

I have to mention that I had a great time with the amazing team at the Inorbit Mall and also meeting fellow bloggers from Hyderabad.

Do share your thoughts about my looks below in the comment section!
Happy Reading 🙂

 Until next post,
x sd

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