Rolled Up Jeans

Women have been rolling their jeans up since decades now having said that this style has found its way back into recent trends as major hit amongst street style fashionistas and celebrities walking out in a casual tee tossed with a big printed scarf.Rosie Huntington-Whiteley,Alexa Chung, Rachel Bilson, the Olsen sisters have been spotted sporting this trend a numerous times on the streets of New York City,Italy and London.This trend is very popular as airport style as well.
Though there are a few pointers to remember when wearing cuffed up denims.
The do’s and don’ts.
  • First Do make them look like it rolled up on purpose and not because they are long and you dint have time to alter them.
  • Don’t EVER roll up bell bottom denim (that is just hideous to look at!)
  • Wear your favourite pair of heels.This look directly emphasis on your ankle so make sure to flaunt them right.
  • Don’t roll up your denims if its cold outside(seasonal trend) or going for a formal meeting.

Thick fold Cuff-Fold the jeans two or three inches above the ankle.Skinny and destroyed jeans are the best pair of jeans for this style.

One Fold Cuff -Simply turn out your hem like you were to talk a walk on the beach.An Easy step by step on how to cuff your jeans !

 Thanks for reading
Until the next post,
x sd

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