Coffee Break

Hello my Rickrackers!

 There’s nothing like wearing an old white shirt on a hot summer afternoon.I think I can never be tried of buying White shirts they are like my classic fashion piece.It’s versatile, cool and always in style ! There is something about wearing a white tee in summer,it just transports you to another .There are so many styles to wear this classic during summer time, the simplest being over a pair of blue jeans, or a floral cotton blazer, or even sequin shorts and a basic pair of chambray overalls.The list can go on depending on your creativity and personal style just don’t be afraid to experiment or show the world your sense of style.
    Quoting Anna Wintour- Create your own style ..let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others’.

On a hot summer afternoon..I decided to pair my white tee over my printed palazzo pants and clinched a belt to complete my ‘happy-to-be-outside-even-though-its-crazy-hot’ look.
 P.S I love wearing palazzo pants(wide leg pants) they are super comfy!

Selfie Ritual 
Seen on my Instagram( HERE)
Obsessing white over the years 

Until the next post,
x sd

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