Sun Loving Essentials

Hey Rickrackers !
 It’s time to get yourself to face the sun with extra confidence and say no to staying indoors all day !

Here’s my guide to the 12 essentials items you can’t be without this summer.


     Must carry with all day for re-application. I recommend the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer SPF 50.Its waterproof and non sticky.

2.Tank tops

     Buy them in bright colors and different prints

3.Flip flops

     Give your feet some rest time from your sky high heels and relax !

4.Denim Shorts

       Time to flaunt your gorgeous legs and try out some DIY ideas to make your look quirky.

5.Gold Sunnies

       Shine brighter than the sun with flashy and super chic sunnies.


   Going for a swim? Wear the most cutest swimsuit in fun stripes and prints.

7.Maxi Skirts

 Chiffon Pleats and bold coloured maxi skirts are every lady’ favourite go-to-outfit in summer  .Pair in with a belt to give it a stylish touch.

8.Floral Scarf

      Accessorize your outfit with a pretty floral scarf over your head and get your pout on.

9.Printed Wedges

      Wedges are the most fashionable item on my essential list .You can pair it with almost anything and still rock in it.

10.Straw Hats

 Planning to go to the beach,a straw hat is a must have to complete your beach look.

11. Popsicle

Tastes like Heaven in your mouth ! Hashtag mouthwatering

12. Hair Protector

    Don’t forget to spray hair with a heat protector before you step out in the sun.
 Until the next time,
 x sd

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