Closet Cleansing 101

Hey Rickrackers !

 With the increase in summer heat I think its time for some cleansing.Closet Cleansing.Bring out all your summer wear back upfront and pack your sweaters and socks where you don’t have to see them for the next seven months.A few things to do before you start

  • Spare a day or a couple of hours
  • Get some music on (Set a play list)
  • Put your most comfy pants
  • Get a Donation Box.

Ready? Let’s begin..
Questions you need to ask yourself for every piece in your close

     1.Does it fit now?

  Ill-fitting clothes are definitely a put off so just do yourself a favor  and toss them into the donation box.

     2. Am I going to wear it anytime soon?

  Think twice before you say YES!  It might be the same answer you told yourself two years back and still haven’t seen it until now.

     3.When was the last time you worn it?

  Don’t remember it ?!
    Donation Box calling…

     4. Is it currently in trend?

     Any ponchos or bell bottoms still hanging at back must find their way out STAT

     5.Does that piece best describe your personal style ?

   Is it something that you can identify yourself with in the present day. Don’t forget First impression are ALWAYS the best ones.

      6.Most Important : If you were to shop ,would you pick that same piece(be it a belt or shoes) in today’s time?

      7. “Categorize and Organize ” 

Set out everything in sections.Don’t pile it up for it to get messy in two day again. Organize your clothes(shirts,denims,shorts,dresses), shoes, belts, nightwear, lingerie separately in your closet.

Once your down , click a picture to keep a check on how messy you are :p

Needless to say any damaged or faded clothes are to be dispose and not to be tossed into the donation box!

Until the next time,
x sd

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