Born To Pleat

Hey Rickrackers,
Spring is in the air and it is definitely my most favourite time of the year.Fresh air and new blossoms everywhere around the corner but sadly not so pretty in my city (so much pollution). Plus it was raining here last week with hails i might add! what is going on warming? Ok,Back to good things now so what comes to your mind when I say “its spring season” For me its two things: A. Fashion Week!! And B. All the pretty things like pastel colours, lilies, Skirts, Red velvet cupcakes, and Patchwork (don’t know why). I’d put together a spring outfit from my wardrobe to express my spring love. Also, I have something new at the end of this post for y’all and I really hope you like it or appreciate my thought!
Please do tell what you think of my look or you can just
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Sorry for the crappy pic quality!
Mint shirt & Neckpiece-Colaba,Mumbai
Sling/satchel-Vero moda
Pleat Skirt & T-Strap Heels- Lifestyle stores
Nail paint-Maybelline colorshow

Thanks ka,it was so much fun!

Until next post,

x sd

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