A Peak Of Freshness

Hello My Rickrackers!
My first March post is here and what better day to publish it.Well, its raining here in Hyderabad. It truly is a beautiful day outside but for some reason I chose to be indoors this Sunday (moody much :p?).So, with wedding season all around us(literally) I picked on the idea of doing an Indian/Ethnic look on the blog since I have never tried it before.. frankly at first I was quite skeptical about it but I decided to do it anyway plus I don’t look that bad or anything.
P.s: Saris and me are not exactly the best of friends.
Please do tell what you think of my look or you can just
Heart it here -http://www.stylepile.com/styles/19073-a-peak-of-freshness?newstyle=true
Hype it here -http://lookbook.nu/look/5908581-A-Peak-Of-Freshness

Mehendi after super long time!

On Insta (Here)
Until next post,
x sd

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