Glamour Grunge.

Hello My Rickrackers !

The month of Love is here ❤

If you happen to catch me on any day of the week, you will mostly find me dressed in my comfort zone-ish clothes. But this year I promised myself to try something new each time i get an opportunity and so I sported a high on Glam kind of a girl look with a leopard print fringe dress and big-sized sunglasses. I must say I enjoyed myself in this look and will definitely try out looks/outfits/prints I would have said no to last year.

Bag- John Galliano; Shoes-Ferre Milano
Trying Hard to pout !
In a world full of beautiful handbags.
Look courtesy-Crisp

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Stay tuned..I have a Valentine’s Day Special contest coming up for y’all this week !
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Until next post,

x sd 

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