Home Is Where The Hugs Are

Hey Rickrackers,

How are you beautiful people doing this year!Well,I must say I’m having a good start.(fingers crossed). My friends are my family that I choose for myself and last weekend was just about that, meeting my favourite girlfriends,revisiting old memories,making new ones and just being carefree,being me. I have also put up a couple of a pictures for you guys along with a ‘what I wore’ post.

 I’m wearing the monochrome trend (a little late but WTH !) with stripes print. I teamed up a black and white stripes crop top with a fitted black jeans, black heels (Pair it again) and a backpack! Yes, I decided to sport this look just to wear this backpack and walk around town just like i did in high school
(My bestie thinks i look like a high schooler anyway).

On Instagram 
Breakfast @desserted,Vasanth nagar

Ch-Ch-Ch-Change please!
Fancy my shoes much?
Happy Dance to start 😀
off course we had to take a pic @starbucks
Me 🙂
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Until next post, 
x sd

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