Wear once and wear it again, KMidd does!

Hey Rickrackers,

Many women around the world believe that to be a super fashionista one must NOT repeat the same outfit ever again. Well, it’s a little too naive to think of fashion in that way don’t you think? I mean why waste a good piece or rather buy an expensive dress just to wear it once. what I love about this article is that even the Duchess of Cambridge would agree.
 Kate Middleton/Duchess Catherine is Royalty by title but she is just like any other women. She loves to go to outlet shopping centers(Zara,LK Bennett,Reiss..), admits to buying dresses during sales, repeats her outfits(with the exact styling) to many important royal events and tours. 
To me she is my real life fairytale from being a commoner to finding her prince literally ! So don’t be shy or afraid to wear your favourite dress or shoes or earring over and over.If KMidd can do it so can you and mind you she’s Royalty!
Also, Did you know that when she wears a dress/coat or anything on her and steps out of Buckingham that piece immediately runs out of stock worldwide.How amazing is that!

Some of her fabulous style repeats
Until next post,
x sd

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