Back To School Again!

Ever since I started this blog I really wanted to write on this topic.
School days are always the most cherished time of your life ‘especially the first day’ back to a new year. Having studied in a fashion school the first few days was the only time with no late night assignments so everyone could wake up early and play dress-up!
 I recently turned a year older (p.s I’m totally a 90’s girl) so I chose to keep my look grungy meets Girl-next-door.
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Wavy hair pulled back with a hairband
Knee length stocking
I’m wearing:
Dress- Swati-The Label (Get it )
Knee length stocking-Debenhams
Ring- Splash(I think)

I also put a list of must-have essentials to complete this look! Just for fun 🙂


Photography credit:
Monica Jain

Until next post,
x sd 

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