“Love the way you’re!”

Hey Rickrackers !

      Happy September y’all! 
Super excited and looking forward for the month to begin..I have so much planned up ahead.Hoping it all goes well..
  Moving on with this post which is about decoding your body type.I think it’s very essential for everyone to know that we are all shaped differently .what looks good on your friend may not look good on you because you may have a different body type. Wearing the latest fashion styles doesn’t make you a stylista if you don’t do everything right.so you need to dress up to enhance your features to look like a complete diva !
 Lets start our ‘Style 101’ !
     First,find out which category you fall into and then follow the dos and dont:-
The four most common female body shapes:
     Apple, Pear, Hourglass, Rectangle.


The main traits of your apple shaped body are:
         Larger Bust,Broader Shoulders,Narrower Hips,Less Defined Waist

Style Pick Do’s

  Women with such a body type should wear V-neck.
  Smaller prints should be avoided as gives a broader look.
  Straight cut bottoms look good on such a figure.

Style Pick Don’ts

  Tight fitting and tapering bottoms should be avoided.


 The main traits of your Pear shaped body are:
       Wider hips and thighs,Narrower shoulders,Wider bottom,Smaller bust
      Mostly the middle aged Indian women sport such a body type.

Style Pick Do’s         

  If you fall under this category then one of the most appropriate dresses for you are the ones with empire line.
  Such dresses, tops will make your bust look fuller and in proportion to your hips.
  Wear tops which end a little below your hips.
  You can also wear tops with horizontal stripes around the bust area to make them look fuller.

Style Pick Don’t

  Do not go for tops crinching around the waist as they will emphasize your hips.
  As for bottoms, avoid slim fit jeans and mini skirts.


The main traits of your Hourglass shaped body are:
     Bust and hips nearly the same size,Well defined waist – 9″ or more smaller than bust,Full Bust,Shapely Legs.
    The hourglass figure was known as the “wasp waist” and was highly fashionable during the 1800s and Victorian era.

Style Pick Do’s

         Women should wear fitting clothes which naturally reveal their curves.
Low neck tops look sexy.
As for bottoms, sport the low waist fitting bottoms which will show off your curves.
Pencil skirts and dresses look best on such a body type.

Style Pick Don’t

Avoid empire line or loose dresses or tops as they will hide your figure.


 The main traits of your Rectangle shaped body are:
Top, waist and bottom nearly the same size,Straight built with fewer curves.

Style Pick Do’s

 Try to create an illusion of curves.
 Different kinds of belts to create interest and to make the waist look slimmer.
 Bottoms with volume which will make the waist look smaller like pleated, flared or tiered skirts or trousers.
 Long or ankle length dresses whether strapless, print or Maxi type are a perfect fit for any Rectangle body type

Style Pick Don’t

Avoid teaming up a fitting top with a fitting bottom

 COLOR RULE: Black makes a person look slimmer while White        makes a person look fuller.

So, next time you go out shopping make sure to keep in mind these points !
Hope this was informative and fun to know!
Until next post!
x sd

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