Fashion Trend:Peek A Boo

‘Peek a boo’ in fashion terminology means an outfit made of fabric that is transparent or decorated with embroidered patterns.
Sheer fabrics,Cut-out dresses,See through skirts,transparent bags and shoes are some examples of this hide and seek trend. 

‘Show some skin’ doesn’t necessarily mean you have to wear short clothing and be bare.This trend is a perfect statement to expose some skin while still keeping you fully clothed.

Peek-a-boo styles isn’t for everyone and everywhere(especially living in a conservative country) but if you pay detailed attention and do it right you’ll look sexy and sophisticated but if you do anything wrong it’ll turn ugly.  

Now you ask how to get it right?

  • Sport it with a minimalist look.
  • Wearing the right lingerie.
  • Wear a camisole underneath by coordinating the colors  .
  • Wear it on a appropriate occassion like for a dressy party or on a date.

Choose sheer fabrics like chiffon,lace,cotton voile ,eyelets and organza.

When going for a special occasion create a interesting illusional look by wearing your matched skin tone corset or camisole underneath.

When going for work/meetings wear a sheer blouse matched with a color on color camisole paired with a trousers/pencil skirt (Avoid wearing contrasting colors).

Buy those cutout dresses which enhances your body structure for example midriff or shoulders.
Take a good look at yourself and step out of the house only if you’re confident. 

Until next post,

x sd

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