A part of me always knew.

 Hey rickrackers!!

 Happy August to you all 🙂

Since I was a little girl I loved standing in front of the mirror and play dress-up all day,wear high heels that were too big for my feet,apply excess amount of lip balm and pretend it was lipstick and sometimes even beg my grandma to drape me in her sarees..I guess a part of me always knew what I wanted to be or rather what to choose as my career..Believe it or not i still have my first designed outfit sketch which i drew in one of my chemistry classes(chem isn’t my fave ).. so this time I choose one of my own designed outfit for the style-book post !
     This polka dot palazzo-styled jumpsuit is casual and smart.It can be worn from the desk to the deck with just the right pairing.I consider polka dots to be one of the classic trend in fashion,very popular during the 1960’s.
makes you pretty in any size bigger or smaller .You can try different silhouette /cuts and pair them with bright colors..So much to do with one print.The smaller print polka dots gives a soft and subtle whereas the bigger ones brings out a bold and vibrant feel.It suits well on an 8 year old or an 40 year lady..and doesn’t it remind you of the most loved disney cartoon character minnie mouse’s glamourous outfit !

Look 1-I wore this for a afternoon outing with the girls just casual yet chic..

Look 2-Throw in a fitted jacket jacket and tie-back hair and you are readyfor a             meeting.
Look 3-Black High heels,chunky bangles and earring hoops is just perfect for             dinner party.
Fatal red color lipstick is a must do for all of the looks above mentioned !!
Also tried something with my hair for the first time on the blog 🙂
Hope you like it !

Heart it here-http://www.stylepile.com/styles/16185-nobody-s-perfect
Hype it here-http://lookbook.nu/look/5192086-Maybelline-Fatal-Red-Swati-Polka-Dot-Jumpsuit

My Inspiration board 🙂

Braided hair !!

The Complete Ensemble
After Insta-effect!
Photography Credit
Monica Jain & Tripti Singh

Until next post,
x sd

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