COLOR TREND – NEON-ness everywhere !

I’ve seen it all from the orange of the fall to the green of the summer , 
but my favourite color of the season  is NEON !!

Hey Rickrackers !

 What comes to your mind when I say neon ? For me it’s something bright,fun,fluorescent and energetic !! Neon colors is the most popular trend going much that it can stop the traffic! 

Hot pink,acid green,lemon yellow,electric blue are the hottest colors this season .
From Hollywood to Bollywood everyone’s spotted wearing this color trend.Dresses,pants,saris,Lipsticks,accessories,shoes,bags,hair color it’s everywhere!

Wearing neon colors is a bit risky matching and mixing your colors is the key aspect.
Styling tips on how to wear the trendy color
Use some solid color with your neon color .
Match your neon color with stripes like pair an acid green top and striped shorts !
DON’T wear all neon (same color).you don’t wanna give a headache to people who see you.
Pairing different neon colors can look good too if you choose the right colors like hot pink with acid green or poppy orange with lemon yellow.
The last time this trend was a big hit was back in the 80’s and it was mostly wore with black ( gives a good background for the neon colors).

If you’re not confident in wearing neon colors in your clothes then buy some accessories or shoes to pair it with a solid color outfit.

Here are a few pictures I have put up  🙂

On clothes: 

Neon color pants !!!

 Neon color trend in Indian ethnic wear spotted on the bollywood trendsetters

Mixed with a tint of print in the color

Beautiful and trendy Neon accessories by the Jewellery designer label ‘ORNAMAS’ by Ojasvita Mahendru


Check out her pieces here:

On Shoes:

On Bags:
so pretty ,right?

Hope this post inspires you to add some neon colors in your wardrobe 🙂

 Until next post,

 x sd

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