I feel pretty ^_^ !

Hey Rickrackers !

First,I want to wish you all a Happy and fun filled Monsoon !!

Sunday is my dress up day..actually its everyday but sunday in particular 🙂

Peach is one of my favourite color and so is this top I’m wearing ! One of the ongoing trends, is the exposed zippers on tops,dresses and even pants (check them out at zara and mango stores)..I added a pop of electric blue in my pale shades of color palette giving a soft and attractive look.

Though I chose to go simpler on the make up for this look to go down well with palette.

If you like this look then,

Heart it on stylepile-http://www.stylepile.com/styles/15548-i-feel-pretty-_?newstyle=true

ribbon punch look detail at the back of the shoes
Zipper detail on the sleeve.
Photography credits-Monica Jain
Untill the next post !
x sd

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