Designer File:Masaba Gupta

Hey rickrackers!

Having graduated from a fashion college last year I certainly do have a long list things to accomplish,many  people to look up to and get inspired.
One of my recent favourite is the 24 year old Masaba Gupta,an Indian designer.
At 19,she launched her label ‘MASABA’ and showcased her first collection at Lakme Fashion Week Spring/Summer’10 .How awesome is that ! Last year,she was announced as the Fashion Director of ‘SatyaPaul’ beating several seniors in the run.
I personally love her style its fun,elegant and so wearable ! She has grown with her collections each season.

Quirky prints and use of vibrant colors are her trademarks.

Her first collection(kattran) at LFW’10 !
Lakme Fashion Week Spring/Summer’10

Some of her statement prints are the ‘digitialised camera-print’ ,’hand palm print’ ,’fan print’ and the new addition ‘lipstick print for SP’. Take a look !!

Yellow patiala paired with camera print
Fan print yellow embroidery collar dress

LFW Summer/Resort 2011

I recently visited the satya paul store in hyderabad,I was so excited to check out the pieces but sadly they dint have much to show .so I put together some pictures from the runway.Enjoy!

Lipstick print
Phone booth print
Suspender sari
Lipstick print dress
            Attention! Printed handbags and luggage trunks.

Take A Bow Girl 1
So the next time you want to play dress up in an Indo-Western attire you know where to shop.
You can also shop her clothes online at (For MASABA label) , ,
(For Satya Paul)- Any satyapaul stores nearest to you
Follow her-@MasabaG

Untill next post,
x sd


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